Double Rollers or Transition Rollers: Which Roller Blinds Should You Choose?

Blinds Online, indeed, offers a huge range of window coverings. You might find it a challenge to determine which type you should pick for your own home.

For instance, our Double Rollers and Transition Rollers can present you some difficulty in deciding which to purchase. Often, the Double is best for the bedroom or other areas in your house that need more relaxation and privacy than the rest. The Transition type is recommended for the living room and similar areas.

 To help you make the best option, here’s a comparison of their basic features:

 BLO Product Comparison - Double v Transition

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Venetian Blinds

Are timeless and offer a classic look to any room in the house, whilst offering a level of light control and privacy that no other blind can.
With the flick of a wand or cord, you can adjust the level of light that comes into the room, to suit your needs.
So versatile, that they will suit many decorating styles, and fit into room with ease. They look great from inside and from outside the home, with consistent horizontal lines, giving them an attractive viewpoint.
• A huge range of colours
• Available in either Timber, Timber Look or Aluminium
• Durable and practical
• 50mm or 25mm slat sizes in Aluminium
• 50mm or 63mm in Timber or Timber Look
Prices start from a low $47.00 for a custom made venetian blind

venetian_blinds_blinds_online_1 venetian_blinds_blinds_online_bathroom venetian_blinds_blinds_online_kitchen

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What’s new in window furnishings?

Transition Blinds are the latest innovation for roller blinds. They are also known as Zebra or Twin blinds.


How do they work?

They are a unique roller blind that has a double layer of fabric, forming a loop, one cloth in front of the other, and rotates around a base rail. The fabric has alternating stripes, a sheer see through stripe, often with a fine mesh look and a solid stripe. 


To operate you simply line the blinds solid stripes up with each other, and you get a similar effect to a venetian blind, allowing you to see out of the sheer stripes.

Raise the solid stripes, so that you have one solid stripe above the other and you have total privacy and a dim out of light in the room.

Adjust the amount of sheer stripe showing, and you easily have a blind that will allow you to have total control on just how much light and privacy you want in your room.


The blind also functions like a standard roller blind, allowing you to raise it up, to give you a clear uncluttered vision out of your window.

Blinds Online has a large range of fabrics available in this style of roller blind. Select from casual weaves to formal elegance in an array of on trend colours. Simply visit our Transition Roller Blind page to full details.

Select up to 10 free samples for you to match your décor, and we will post them quickly out to you.




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How to keep the heat in during winter

With the high costs of gas and electricity bills, we are concentrating more and more on how to save energy.  One of the easiest ways, is to make sure your windows are insulated, and to stop the heat escaping through the glass, wasting you money.

So what blind will give you the best return on investment?

Besides Blockout curtains, Honeycomb blinds are the highest insulator on the market, when it comes to blinds.  The unique hexagonal cell, allows a body of air to be trapped inside the blind.  So not only do you have a layer of air between the blind and the glass, you also have the additional one inside the cells, creating an ideal buffer zone.

The single cell Blockout honeycomb blinds, have an inner foil lining to each cell, which helps in holding the air in place.


Blockout Honeycomb Cell

If you do not wish to have a total Blockout blind, then the double cell light filtering fabric, will be the next option to achieving the highest energy rating in this product.


Double Honeycomb Cell

We also recommend that your honeycomb blinds are recessed into the window frame.  This then allows the blind to give the best coverage of the glass, and helps avoid any heat escaping.  By recessing you will also achieve far better light control, as honeycomb blinds have the cloth going all the way to the edge of the head rail, unlike roller blinds, that have a small gap either side of the cloth.

So a blind that is stylish, durable and practical all in one.  That’s got to be good for your windows!


Top Down Bottom Up Version – Great for Privacy

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Light Filtering Roller Blinds vs Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Image   Image

What’s the difference?

A light filtering roller blind is a cloth that does not have a Blockout coating on the rear.  It will allow light to still come through the cloth, but will offer varying degrees of opacity, depending on the colour chosen and the fabric thickness.  Light filtering fabrics are also available with delicate patterns and prints


Chatsworth Black – Light Filtering

Light filtering blinds are ideal when you don’t want to darken the room during the day, but want to maintain a level of privacy, such as rooms that are close to the street.  Also great for blocking out unsightly views, such as a neighbours fence from the kitchen window.

Sunscreen roller blinds are made from a mesh type PVC cloth.  They allow you to maintain your view during the daytime, and help reduce heat, glare and UV rays.  Sunscreens blinds are ideal for keeping your rooms cool in summer.  They really do make a huge difference to a room.

Sunscreen blinds are not recommended as the sole window furnishing for rooms that require privacy in the evening.  This is easily solved by adding a Blockout roller blind to a special double bracket, this will then offer the best of both worlds – Daytime & evening privacy.


Sunscreen blinds showing transparency

Summary :  Use Light Filtering blinds for diffusing & softening the light, also to hide unsightly views.  Not recommended in bedrooms.

Use Sunscreen blinds when you still want to see out during the day & cut down heat and energy loss on your windows.

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Dulux most popular paint colours, now have Roller blinds fabrics to match.

Decorating is even easier when trying to match your Dulux paint colours.

Blinds Online offer blockout roller blind fabrics, to match 12 of the most popular paint colours:


Dulux Paint Colour  –   Choice Fabric Range

Vivid White –                  Chalk
Antique White U.S.A –  Shell
Hog Bristle Half –          Powder
Hog Bristle –                  Almond
Timeless Grey –             Ash
Western Myall –            Coal
Soft Beige –                    Oyster
Desire –                          Blush
Blue Balm –                   Smoke
Milky Spearmint –       Duck Egg
Waltzing –                     Eucalypt
Mossman Gorge –       Fig

Visit our Blockout Roller Blind page to order your free samples

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